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Topographic / Land Survey

Topographic Map is an indispensable tool for Government, Semi-Government...

Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) Mapping

GPS technology has matured into a resource that goes far beyond....

Geodetic Survey

Our Earth is oblate spheroid in shape which makes it slightly oblong in appearance. It flattens...

Hydrographic / Bathymetric Survey

Hydrographic Survey is a survey of a body of water to determine several classes of data...

Geological Survey

In Geological surveys geology beneath a given area of earth is investigated in a systematic manner for the purpose...

Cadastral Survey

Cadastral Surveying is the branch of Surveying which specilises in establishing the precise...


To become a leading Survey & Mapping company through optimization of available skills, technology and resources.


To provide best services to our Client by pooling the resources, expertise & experience of world renowned professionals.


To achieve customer delight by providing quality services in stipulated time leading to COMPLETE CLIENT SATISFACTION.

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To be able to meet the requirements of our clients we have ongoing training and development programmes covering every aspect of our work.


We provide services of high quality, has a proven track record and remains committed to the success of each assignment we undertake.


We respond to client's requirements speedily and efficiently with a full range of integrated services.


ARK Services is privileged to have world over experts with decades of experience in their respective field.

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